Xishuang Dong

Assistant Professor



I am a Postdoc of CRI Center for Computational Systems Biology at Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Prairie View A&M University (PVAMU). I was an Assistant Professor in the School of Computer Informatics at Xinyang Normal University, China, from 07/2014 to 10/2017. I received B.S. degree in computer science and technique (sub-field of computer engineering) at Harbin University of Science and Technology, M.S. degree in computer software and theory (sub-field of computer engineering) at Harbin Engineering University, and Ph.D. in computer application (sub-field of computer engineering) at Harbin Institute of Technology.

My research interests include: 1) machine learning based computational systems biology; (2) biomedical information processing; (3) deep learning for big data analysis; (4) natural language processing.

Recent Papers

Recurrent Neural Network Based Feature Selection for High Dimensional and Low Sample Size Micro-array Data

Probing glioblastoma and its microenvironment using single-nucleus and single-cell sequencing

Deep learning for named entity recognition on Chinese electronic medical records: Combining deep transfer learning with multitask bi-directional LSTM RNN

A multitask bi-directional RNN model for named entity recognition on electronic medical records


Undergraduate Student Research Funding

Drs Anna Joy and Dumitru Iacobas have been promoted to research faculty

CCSB became a part of Half-Million Dollar Grant