Genomics Lab offers Illumina sequencing by synthesis. It is equipped to isolate, quantitate, evaluate quality of nucleic acid preparations and prepare libraries for sequencing using a workflow that minimizes contamination. The Illumina sequencer is covered under an annually renewed PROD Care NSQ 550 Comprehensive service contract through Illumina. In addition, we also have resources specifically dedicated to the handling and analysis of DNA and/or RNA sequencing includes: BaseSpace Sequencing Hub with unlimited storage and computing and an in-house analytical pipeline to analyze NGS data

We use Illumina NextSeq 550 and Agilent gene expression microarrays to profile the transcriptomes of cells and tissues from humans and animal models of human diseases. An original algorithm determines the Gene Master Regulators (GMR) of cancer nuclei in solid and liquid biopsies, or pathogens in blood and urine samples.

Joy Lab

Director: Anna Joy

This lab is dedicated to understanding mechanisms of tumorigenesis and progression in Glioblastoma brain tumors for discovery of novel drug targets and treatment biomarkers. The ultimate goal is to improve survival of this most common and deadly intracranial brain tumor.

Machine Intelligence Biology Lab

Director: Xishuang Dong

The Machine Intelligence Biology Lab is one part of the Center for Computational Systems Biology at Prairie View A&M University. The main task of this lab will focus on computational biology, which is to use existing tools or develop novel methods to speed up the procedure of genetic data analysis or enhance the analysis performance. It involves two subtasks: 1. Building high-performance sequencing analysis methods by introducing artificial intelligence techniques with powerful NVIDIA GPU clusters. Specifically, we will design and develop deep learning based analysis methods to improve performance; 2. Constructing the general computational platform to complete various tasks involved in the genetic sequencing analysis by integrating existing tools and novel methods. Furthermore, we will establish a comfortable research environment to build collaborations with internal members (PVAMU faculty and staff) and external researchers to promote the development of computational systems biology. Please contact the Center Director, Seungchan Kim, or the Director of the Machine Intelligence Biology lab, Xishuang Dong, for further information.