Ensemble Deep Learning on Time-Series Representation of Tweets for Rumor Detection in Social Media

Kotteti CMM, Dong X, Qian L 2020. Applied Sciences


Social media is a popular platform for information sharing. Any piece of information can be spread rapidly across the globe at lightning speed. The biggest challenge for social media platforms like Twitter is how to trust news shared on them when there is no systematic news verification process, which is the case for traditional media. Detecting false information, for example, detection of rumors is a non-trivial task, given the fast-paced social media environment. In this work, we proposed an ensemble model, which performs majority-voting scheme on a collection of predictions of neural networks using time-series vector representation of Twitter data for fast detection of rumors. Experimental results show that proposed neural network models outperformed classical machine learning models in terms of micro F1 score. When compared to our previous works the improvements are 12.5% and 7.9%, respectively.