Congratulations! Dr. Dong has been awarded a curriculum development grant for collaboration with NVIDIA on the DLI Data Science Teaching Kit with RAPIDS. Dr. Dong and NVIDIA will collaborate to develop new content to help students learn data science and accelerated data science with GPUs and RAPIDS.

Project Summary: A team from the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) at Prairie View A&M University plans to build components of the Data Science Teaching Kit; a joint project between NVIDIA, Prairie View A&M, and Georgia institute of Technology. These teaching materials will include lecture slides, lecture videos, hands-on programming labs and solutions, and quiz problem sets. This project will ultimately enable university students globally to understand existing and emerging technologies that can be utilized to design and implement solutions to data science and analytics challenges.

The PI will design and develop learning modules on programming and concepts of data analysis technologies and machine learning applications. Topics such as data collection and preprocessing, GPU-accelerated machine learning, and data visualization will be covered. Some emerging technologies and techniques for implementing solutions for course projects and lab exercises will focus on NVIDIA GPU-accelerated algorithms and data science using the RAPIDS framework and the NVIDIA Jetson edge computing platforms. The content will also be developed with cultural awareness; addressing issues such as bias and fairness in data science.

The proposed activities are based on the PI’s continuous efforts in professional development and active research. The resulting teaching materials will be made available free to educators across the globe through the existing NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute (DLI) Teaching Kits program. The new Data Science Teaching Kit will tremendously strengthen the existing program by providing a full course solution for modern data science education.

As part of this award, NVIDIA has committed to support the project with project management resources, help with technical support, and engagement in content and pedagogical feedback from the existing NVIDIA educator community. Additionally, NVIDIA is committed to creating awareness of the Teaching Kit in academia and building the online infrastructure to deliver the Teaching Kits free to educators world-wide.

For any further question, please contact Dr. Dong.