Speaker: Mathew Sadiku, Ph.D.

When: 12:00pm, Feb 5, 2020

Where: ELEN231


The industrial revolution changed the dynamics of our society through rapid urbanization, rise of cities, diversity of the workforce, rise of the middle class, and creation of job opportunities. The Internet revolution brought with it changes that were not only technological but societal and pervasive in scope. The Internet today is a widespread information infrastructure, which is often called the Information Superhighway. It is regarded by many as the greatest technological disruption of all time. The speaker has identified seven key emerging Internet-related technologies: Internet of things, big data, cloud computing, cybersecurity, smart anything (smart home, smart cities, smart transportation, etc.), software-defined networking, and online education. Together these technologies are transformational. This seminar presents a brief introduction, applications, and challenges for each technology.

Speaker Bio

Dr. Matthew Sadiku is presently a professor of electrical and computer engineering at Prairie View A&M University, Prairie View, Texas. He is the author of over 720 professional papers and over 80 books including “Elements of Electromagnetics” (Oxford University Press, 7th ed., 2018), “Fundamentals of Electric Circuits” (McGraw-Hill, 6th ed., 2017, with C. Alexander), “Computational Electromagnetics with MATLAB” (CRC, 4th ed., 2018), “Metropolitan Area Networks” (CRC Press, 1995), and “Principles of Modern Communication Systems” (Cambridge University Press, 2017, with S. O. Agbo). Some of his books have been translated into French, Korean, Chinese (and Chinese Long Form in Taiwan), Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish. He is an IEEE fellow and the recipient of many awards.