Speaker: Anna Joy, Ph.D.

When: 12:00pm, May 5, 2021

Where: webinar/Zoom

Recording: [watch]


Immunotherapy is revolutionizing cancer care, however progress has been slow in glioblastoma brain tumors. We are beginning to understand some of the mechanisms that make Glioblastoma tumors immunologically cold and unresponsive to immunotherapies, and are discovering potential approaches to reactivate the immune system. The brain is immunologically distinct and knowledge of the peripheral immune system cannot always be translated to CNS immunity. In this talk I will highlight advances in our understanding of CNS immunity and how it applies to immunotherapy of Glioblastoma.

Speaker Bio

The ultimate goal of Dr. Joys lab is to identify therapeutic targets and biomarkers that increase survival and quality of life for brain tumor patients. Dr Joy has spent the majority of the last 20 years studying the pathobiology and molecular classification of brain tumors. She held a Research Assistant Professor position at Barrow Neurological Institute and before that was an Associate Scientist at the Translational Genomics Research Institute, both in Phoenix AZ. Her degree from Arizona State University was in Chemistry.