Genomics Lab

Director: Anna Joy

The Next Gen Sequencing Center offers Illumina sequencing by synthesis. It is equipped to isolate, quantitate, evaluate quality of nucleic acid preparations and prepare libraries for sequencing using a workflow that minimizes contamination. The Illumina sequencer is covered under an annually renewed PROD Care NSQ 550 Comprehensive service contract through Illumina. It guarantees an average 3 business day on-site response time by a field engineer, full coverage on parts and labor, and an annual preventative maintenance visit. The center also offers microarray processing and analysis. We will train, support, and provide fee-for-service work, access to ancillary equipment for sample preparation and bioinformatics support to Center investigators and the wider scientific community.

Next Generation Sequencing Data Specific Computing Resources: Resources specifically dedicated to the handling and analysis of DNA and/or RNA sequencing includes: BaseSpace Sequencing Hub with unlimited storage and computing and an in-house analytical pipeline to analyze NGS data

High throughput sequencing equipment:

  • Agilent 2100 Bioanalyzer to analyze the quality of protein, DNA and RNA.
  • Nanodrop and Qubit 4 to determine the concentration of nucleic acids.
  • Real Time PCR for superior accuracy of library quantification

Contact: Anna Joy