Personalized Genomics Lab

What We Do

We use Illumina NextSeq 550 and Agilent gene expression microarrays to profile the transcriptomes of cells and tissues from humans and animal models of human diseases. An original algorithm determines the Gene Master Regulators (GMR) of cancer nuclei in solid and liquid biopsies, or pathogens in blood and urine samples.

Through various methods of gene editing we manipulate the GMR’s expression to selectively destroy the “bad” cells with minimal impact on the “good” ones. Owing to the unrepeatable set of contributing factors, each patient is unique and thus are his/her GMRs.

We perform a wide range of experimental* and theoretical* genomics studies aiming to identify and edit the genes responsible for cancer and drug resistance phenotypes.

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Personalized Genomics Laboratory
PI: Dumitru Iacobas, Ph.D.
The Center for Computational Systems Biology
Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering

Roy G Perry College of Engineering
Prairie View A&M University
Lab: Electrical Engineering Bldg, Rm.237
Office: Electrical Engineering Bldg, Rm. 369
P: (936)261-9926